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In-Kind Donations

There are ongoing immediate needs for the children and families we care for. The Children’s Center, Inc. accepts in-kind donations on a sustaining basis to support children, youth and families. Needs for these families include food, clothing, health and safety items, grooming supplies, household items, and cleaning and sanitation products. Other types of donations are considered on a case by case basis, based on current needs and storage capacity.

We suggest items that are needed on a daily-basis that in-kind donors may consider to be available for a phone call, supporting special requests of depleted items such as health and safety items, on an as needed basis. The following list provides details on ongoing needs for children and families.

Ongoing Needs:

A Simple Yet Vital Way You Can Help

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Complete the form to let us know what you are able to provide. We appreciate any and all donations that help with our mission in providing for our children and families.

    The Children’s Center, Inc. will soon celebrate 145 years servicing a trauma-focused continuum of caring, providing safety, housing, and mentoring for children, youth and families, who are survivors of abandonment, abuse, neglect, and exploitation. It serves the Texas Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Mexico and provides prevention and intervention services through outreach in Mexico and Central America.


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