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The Children’s Center Inc. is an internship site for graduate students in Counseling and Social Work from major Texas universities and several out of state universities. Interns are screened and placed in programs throughout The Children’s Center Texas continuum of caring. Under professional supervision, interns are provided opportunities to develop clinical and other standards of practice related skills as required for completing their graduate degrees and meeting state licensing requirements.

If you are a student needing an internship placement or are faculty at a college or university wishing to explore internship opportunities with The Children’s Center, Inc., please contact us. We provide placement opportunities at a number of Texas sites with opportunities for virtual counseling practice also being planned at locations in Mexico and Central America.

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    The Children’s Center, Inc. will soon celebrate 145 years servicing a trauma-focused continuum of caring, providing safety, housing, and mentoring for children, youth and families, who are survivors of abandonment, abuse, neglect, and exploitation. It serves the Texas Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Mexico and provides prevention and intervention services through outreach in Mexico and Central America.


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